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Wholesale Educator, Aspiring Artist, Jewelry and Home Designer, Mama and Wife who loves to travel.

Welcome to my wholesale coaching, my studio, and my adventures!

Free resources for product makers trying to grow with wholesale

4 Ways to Sell Wholesale

This worksheet will help you determine if your products are ready for wholesale and how to get started NOW!

Free E-book: Pitch, Please

Ever wondered how to reach out to editors? I also use this method when reaching out to buyers for my wholesale products.

The School for Wholesale

hey there product maker, I see you working all day wondering when the next sale is coming in and not being able to create all the ideas you have swirling in your head.

have you dreamed of having your products in stores, but don’t know where to start? where do you find the email of a buyer, how do you get into a wholesale market, and where do you buy supplies? how many products do you have to make and how fast will the store need them?


Join me as I walk you through the steps of taking your hobby to a creative and successful business. Learn the ropes of social media and updates in the ever-changing social media world! I will show you the ropes for selling to stores and creative ways of adding multiple streams of revenue to your business.

The School for Pricing

☆You are ready to scale your business and make it profitable.

☆You want to pay yourself or someone else to help you make products so you can grow your business.

☆You want to be prepared if you have the opportunity to sell wholesale.

☆You want to make sure you are utilizing all platforms and pricing accordingly.