Lucy's Inspired Design

I live in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband of 25 years. We have two children who have flown the coop and given me more time to pursue my passion of helping women be who God created them to be.
I started my career in retail as a buyer for a department store called Parisian. I’ve been on both sides of the retail world when I owned a storefront selling art supplies.
As social media came to the business world I decided to help others grow their presence and as the VP of Marketing for an advertising agency, I helped create many stories on social media and websites.
Having a bit of a creative side myself, I designed a line of jewelry that I took to market and sold to stores all over the nation creating a 6 figure business within the year and still sell a line called Inspire to Give where we give back to non-profits that I care deeply about.
I would love to help you create a space online that will tell your story and show the world how talented you are!
You’ll learn that I love to travel around the world learning about different cultures and finding art old and new. I also have Vitiligo, a skin condition that removes the pigment and leaves white patches. It’s been spreading for about 4 years and I like to call it shifting clouds. It’s my own personal artwork that I carry around wherever I go!